Buy Data

Learn more about your audience. Purchase the only real-time data in the industry with the most advanced tool set anywhere across over 3000 data segments. The only place where you can combine multiple data points and time segments. The most precise targeting possible.

Sell Data

Take control of your own data. Utilizing BDEX's unique real-time tool set your valuable data will flow to our Exchange in real-time, where you set all your own pricing. Monetize your data like never before and you keep all the profits.

Data Scoring

The industry's first quantitative and impartial scoring of all data transacted. Every piece of data sold in the Exchange is scored based on the value it provided to the buyer and cross-referenced with the relative industry. Visit the Data Scoring Page to learn how you can take advantage of this incredible option.

BDEX Identity

All data in the BDEX Exchange is linked with a BDEX Identity. This unique customer ID links consumers across every site they visit and all data across BDEX ensuring you target your exact customers with their specific data.

BDEX Tools

The BDEX online tool set enables real-time monitoring and adjustments of all buyer and seller campaigns. You can track performance, adjust targeting and pricing, build additional campaigns and adjust categories, all with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Targeting

BDEX is the only true real-time data exchange. As consumers browse and shop online, data is populated into BDEX instantaneously and available for targeting campaigns immediately. True real-time targeting.

All Consumer Data In One Place

BDEX User Data Infographic

Seller Scoring

All data sellers are impartially scored based on how their data performs. This simple and fair scoring adds value for both quality data sellers as well as all data buyers. Visit our Data Scoring page to learn more.

Consumer Scoring

In addition to scoring each seller, all consumers with data in BDEX are scored as well. BDEX provides impartial and intelligent scoring indicating the consumer's history of converting based on the consumer's exact history online. Visit our Data Scoring page to learn more.

Consolidated Purchasing

BDEX takes targeting past the world of simple audience groups. Utilizing the BDEX technology, buyers can build complex campaigns combining an unlimited number of real-time data points to precisely target customers and drive conversions.

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