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With over 5,500 data categories to choose from, the BDEX DXP is an ideal tool for a variety of retailers, brands, and agencies.

Our Marketplace—By the Numbers

Over 6 Billion Unique IDs

Over 5,500 Data Categories

Over 100 Million Email-to-Mobile ID Matches

Over 700 Billion Data Points

Real-Time Targeting is Better Targeting

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What if you knew what a consumer wants at any given minute? With custom real-time tags placed on thousands of websites, BDEX can track users across multiple channels, giving you up-to-the-second data not available anywhere else. And since you buy and don’t rent the data, use it as many times as you want. Simple. Sensible. Cost-Effective.

The lift we saw from our very first campaign using data from BDEX was nothing short of amazing! We experienced a 3x lift and a 4x ROI, and we immediately began targeting more of our campaigns with data from BDEX.

David Shteif

Executive Vice President, Digital Media Solutions Group

Thanks to the great performance, we are planning our entire budget around BDEX.

Chelsey Gray

Data Scientist, nContext/Sierra Nevada Corporation