Through the Data Download customizable user interface, you can select from previous real-time campaigns or build new and unique campaigns for data download.  Buy data on your exact customers or even download an entire industry of data for market research and analysis.

Create New Campaigns with Limitless Combinations. Select the Age and Quality of All Data for Download. Download in XML File Format



BDEX has over 300 billion data signals on U.S. consumers. Half of those signals come from industry-leading sources like Acxiom and Neustar, and the other half come from real-time custom tags.


Choose data from over 5,500 different categories, including shopping, sports, health, recreation and science.


Easily link customer IDs across different platforms with BDEX’s 150 million connections between email and mobile IDs and cookie and email IDs.


Over 300 billion data points are available in the BDEX DXP, the first ever Data Exchange Platform.