BDEX Real-Time Data Scoring

BDEX takes targeting to the next level with our detailed scoring methodology.  The BDEX Scoring System evaluates every element of data sold on our exchange and assigns an effectiveness score at every level.

  • Every Transaction Scored

  • Seller Scored on Every Transaction

  • Consumer Scored on Every Transaction

  • Score Based on Conversion of the Buyer of the Data

  • Comparison Score Against All Other Available, Comparable Data

  • Unbiased and Impartial Scoring

BDEX Consumer Scoring

Everyone knows not all online shoppers are the same.  Some consumers browse endlessly and never purchase.  Some purchase every day.   Some only book travel.

BDEX Consumer Scoring enables you to identify which consumers are which and, more importantly, utilize that data in your targeting.  No more paying the same CPM for consumers that never convert.

Target the right consumers for your products, at the right time, with the right data!

  • Relative Score Assigned to All Consumers

  • Score Based on Actual Conversions, Compared to Other Consumers

  • Scoring Across Industries and By Industry for Greater Precision

  • Utilize Scores to Specifically Target

BDEX Seller Scoring

At BDEX we believe in a market-driven economy and that not all products and services should cost the same and will deliver the same value.  Our unique Seller Scoring enables data buyers to identify the right cost / value combination for each of your campaigns.

BDEX Seller Scoring enables you to choose the price you want to pay for data based on the past history of that data converting and delivering value.

  • Relative Score to All Data Sellers, Based on Industry

  • Additional Scores For Each Individual Industry

  • Score Based on Actual Conversions from Buyers

  • Utilize Scores to Specifically Target