Advertisers & Publishers

Although other data providers today tout robust solutions to enhance the chances of reaching consumers, their solutions fall short.  Successfully targeting customers is about data.

  • The Quality of Data

  • The Relevancy of Data

  • The Timeliness of Data

Other data providers fall short in all of these areas, and that is where BDEX comes in.  BDEX enables Advertisers and Publishers to utilize data from every source, not just a perceived audience group.  The BDEX Targeting Module enables you to select any data attributes and join them in any combination you want, and select the quality, age and price of each and every data element.  Never seen before functionality and flexibility.

  • Purchase Audience Groups

  • Combine Limitless Categories to Build Custom Audience Groups

  • Filter by Data Quality and Data Age

  • Monitor Campaigns and Adjust Combinations in Real-Time.