Real-Time Targeting For the Retailer

The BDEX Marketplace is designed and tailor-made to enable retailers for the first time ever to effectively target their exact consumers as they browse and shop on their websites.  Instant access to consumer activity only seconds after it has transpired, not days or weeks or months.

The power of understanding your customers and what they are looking for at that very instant. Utilizing relevant data only seconds or minutes old. Data about that exact customer, not a profile or a statistical model.

BDEX’s revolutionary real-time marketplace technology makes this possible. Enabling limitless data sellers to offer their data for purchase to the exact data buyers seeking that critical information. Right when they need it. In real-time.

The power to capture your consumers as they are ready to buy!

  • Visibility to Your Exact Customers

  • Target Customers As They Hit Your Website

  • Utilize Data Only Seconds Old, Your Customers’ Exact Interests

  • Complex Targeting, Not Simple Audience Groups

  • Build and Maintain Custom Campaigns

  • Combine An Unlimited Number of Data Points

  • Monitor, Adjust and  Update in Real-Time