View data available on BDEX with this Data Visualization Tool

Real-Time Targeting

Data Buying and Targeting through the BDEX suite of tools truly takes the industry to the next level.  Through BDEX’s unique tool set Advertisers, Publishers and Retailers alike have the ability to target with a level of granularity that was never before possible.

  • Buy Data That is Only Seconds Old

  • Filter Based on Data Quality (conversions)

  • Create Custom Audience Groups

  • Combine an Unlimited Number of Data Points

  • Set Budgets by Data Point

  • Manage Campaigns in Real-Time

BDEX Consumer Targeting

Consumer Targeting utilizing BDEX offers flexibility and functionality not available anywhere else in the industry. Target customers using the traditional audience group model but add in the ability to specify the exact age of the data and the quality of the audience group you are selecting.

Or, utilize a more customized and precise targeting model through our fully customizable user interface.  The options are limitless.

  • Specify the Age of All Data

  • Specify the Quality of All Data

  • Combine Data Points In Any Combination

  • Hundreds of Millions of Data Points to Choose From

  • Track Results and Modify Campaigns in Real-time

  • The Options Are Truly Limitless!