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The Next Evolution in Data Selling

BDEX changes the way data is sold and shifts the power back to the data sellers and owners.  Through BDEX, data sellers have complete control of what data they sell and the individual price point they sell at.

The BDEX Online Campaign Management Tools enable sellers visibility to all their data campaigns in real-time and tools to adjust pricing just as fast.

  • Sell Data With No Sales Force

  • Exchange of Data in Real-Time

  • Opens Unlimited Sales Channels

  • Update Pricing in Real-Time

  • No Cost To Sellers!

Using the BDEX Exchange Couldn't be Easier

The BDEX Campaign Management Process and Tools enable data sellers to seamlessly load data in real-time and realize instant opportunities to monetize data.

Plus BDEX is a true data-marketplace where you can utilize our unique tools and reporting to identify where your prices should be updated to capitalize on market conditions.

  • Specify the Data You Want To Sell

  • Create Your Real-Time Campaign

  • Download Your Custom Script

  • Manage Your Campaign Using BDEX Tools

  • Watch The Revenue Start Flowing!