Founded in 2014, BDEX is the first ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP). David Finkelstein, CEO of BDEX and a serial entrepreneur, and Michael Aronov, CDO of BDEX, founded one of the first Internet service providers in the country, National Internet Source, Inc., in 1994. The pair sold the company to U.S. Cable Corporation in 2000 before founding Contextuads, which served advertising networks and PPC search engines through more efficient ad targeting. After finding themselves with an abundance of useful data at their fingertips, Finkelstein and Aronov created BDEX. Combining the functionality, data, and reach of a traditional DMP in a true marketplace environment, BDEX enables companies to acquire quality, impartial third-party data to reach their desired audience like never before.


David Finkelstein

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

David is a serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous Internet companies dating back to 1994. He founded National Internet Source, Inc. in 1994 and sold it in 2000 to US Cable Corporation. He also co-founded Contextuads,, Triplejack and Dynaprice. David is responsible for all day-to-day operations at BDEX. He has a passion for all things data and enjoys tennis, kayaking, the beach and spending time with his family. He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.


Michael Aronov

Co-Founder/Chief Data Officer

Mike has over 25 years of experience in the technology field and helped David build one of the first Internet Service Providers in the country, National Internet Source, Inc. Mike is the co-founder of BDEX along with David and serves as Chief Data Officer. He is responsible for steering the overall architecture and direction for the BDEX platform. Mike is also responsible for customer and technical support.


Stephen McKain

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Stephen is the CTO, Chief Architect, and Co-Founder of the BDEX platform and leads the design, engineering and operations teams at BDEX.  He has over 24 years of technology experience in leading engineering teams and projects at Microsoft and Apple. His past accomplishments include shipping Microsoft Picture It, Microsoft PhotoDraw, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Search Server, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Surface product lines.


Keith Sayewitz

Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Sales

Keith leads the sales and marketing team at BDEX and has over 20 years of experience across industry and management consulting, including assisting Fortune 500 companies to achieve their goals.  Some of Keith’s roles prior to joining BDEX include owning a consulting company, which included customers such as AIG and DHL.  Keith was also COO of Sotheby’s International Realty in Miami as well as a management consultant for KPMG.


Rad Narayanswamy

Principal Big Data and Analytics Architect

Rad brings over 25 years of experience in database architecture and engineering to the BDEX team. He is proficient in a variety of databases and the entire software development life cycle in several industries, including banking, hospitality, call center management, advertising and retail. He plays a central role in deciding the architectural direction of the Data Exchange Platform.


Mark Fuini

Principal Big Data Solutions Architect

Mark is a software professional with over 15 years of experience in software development. He designs, builds, and implements big data solutions to solve big data challenges in the cloud. He was instrumental in creating BDEX system solution architecture as well as providing production support and monitoring the BDEX DXP.


Craig Fleischman


Craig is an accomplished leader and engineer with more than 25 years of product development experience. He has launched numerous global products and services and has extensive experience in product management, operations, engineering, customer satisfaction and quality. Fleischman served as an executive leader at Microsoft holding product and technology positions in various sectors including: Microsoft Office, Enterprise Hardware & Products, Microsoft Windows, Mobile Device Management solutions, and Public Cloud based services.


Michael Nassirian


Michael was a partner-level manager with almost 19 years of experience at Microsoft. His test engineering and International compatibility and compliance expertise have made him a valuable asset to Microsoft and an outstanding resource to BDEX.

scott fogarty

Scott Fogarty


Scott is a founder and managing partner of Inovez, a traction platform for B2B and enterprise technology companies, with a focus on India market entry. A leader of turnaround and start-up media companies, Scott has led buyout and venture transactions with a total value of $1.2 billion and acted as an investor, advisor and leader for growth and early stage technology companies. Born in France and having lived in New York City for nearly 30 years, Scott now resides in Florida with his wife Kate and their four children.

raj kulkarni

Raj Kulkarni


Raj is a founder and managing partner of Inovez, a traction platform for B2B and enterprise technology companies, with a focus on India market entry. An executive, advisor and angel investor with over 25 years of global experience in growth and early stage B2B technology companies, Raj brings his expertise in converting ideas to scalable businesses and opening new markets to the BDEX team.