Partner With BDEX

At BDEX we have a strong belief in partnerships and we believe strongly in working with companies of similar values. We have a desire to address the shortcomings in the data industry today and to provide real-world progressive solutions to solve these issues.

The BDEX Partnership Program is designed for software and consultancy companies with customers and relationships that would benefit from BDEX’s products and services.

We have multiple programs to fit your and your customers’ needs.

Certified Integration Partner

The BDEX Certified Integration Partnership Program is designed for companies with relationships and customers that would benefit from BDEX products and services, and have the internal competencies to assist them in implementing our services.

  • Integrates BDEX Solutions

  • BDEX-Assisted Sales

  • Dedicated Support

  • Partner Generates Consulting Revenue

  • Revenue-Sharing Model

Certified Reseller Program

The BDEX Certified Reseller Program is intended for companies with a sales competency and desire to work with potential customers interested in BDEX Products and Services.

  • Joint Branding

  • Assisted Sales

  • Dedicated support

  • Commission and Revenue-Sharing Model

Certified Software Program

The BDEX Certified Software Program is designed for software companies with solutions that would benefit from direct integration to the BDEX Real-Time Marketplace.

  • Increases Product Value

  • Custom API Integration

  • Consulting Revenue Opportunities

  • Revenue-Sharing Model