The BDEX shopping cart engine, or C2E Service, enables BDEX to link consumers who did not register or purchase on a company’s website to the corresponding customer email addresses. BDEX can then, in real time, send that consumer a targeted email to assist the retailer in capturing that customer.

shopping cart retargeting


BDEX has over 900 billion data signals on U.S. consumers. Half of those signals come from industry-leading sources like Acxiom and Neustar, and the other half come from real-time custom tags.


Choose data from over 5,500 different categories, including shopping, sports, health, recreation and science.


Easily link customer IDs across different platforms with BDEX’s 700+ million connections between email and mobile IDs.


Over 900 billion data points are available in the BDEX DXP, the first ever Data Exchange Platform.